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Is there a secret to live to 100?

I am an advocate of healthy living for 15 years and now I like healthy eating and exercise, because it makes me happy. I also do it because I live to 100 and with all the experts talk about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating and how it's your best chance to live free of the disease and increase your life expectancy, I would like'm sure my lifestyle includes exercise and a healthy diet on a regular basis. I can not say I do not cheat, because let's face it, life is not worth living if you do not have fun and occasionally.

Another thing I have read. I read about 1-2 pounds per week because I like to learn (and show in Jeopardy lit). One of the things I love to read on health and fitness. I have read several books on the subject and I consider myself very informed about this matter. Because I like reading books on these subjects I also enjoy reading the articles and news related to health and fitness. A topic that interests me is old. These are people who by age 100 years and more live. I love to read these people and how they lived their lives to be able to reach this age and beyond. What surprised me the most is that most of these people do not have a life too good, and some of them have little in common living.

A common feature of many is to notify them that they have ever eaten. In a country like the United States is extremely rare, as the portions we are used to huge compared to other countries around the world. About 70% of Americans are overweight, with nearly 25% of these obese people are obese. I know what I feel when I eat too much and it's a terrible feeling. Eating small portions throughout the day is something almost every book and article talks about a long and healthy life and it is interesting that most centenarians have lived forever. Another feature is that they share most of them have always had healthy levels of blood pressure throughout their lives. We all know the importance of maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure, but hyptertension is a problem that many people have. One thing I find very interesting is that many old never big in the exercise of their lives.

I think this is very interesting because I associate a sedentary lifestyle as unhealthy, but I'm sure they were active in other ways. Some believe that centenarians have a drink once a day during their adult life, has her long life of more than helped search queries on one or two drinks a day really good for you are based. Some very old caught smoking in her later years, but they are certainly not associate to stay long. It's just an unhealthy habit that they have taken in their later years that has not affected their health.

As a result, many things contribute to a long life. Overall, I think it is up to heredity, diet of small portions, and the necessary supplements and medications recommended by your doctor. I have read so many stories of how people in large decrease Fitness death a severe heart attack, and I wonder if there really an advantage for them if your goal is to love 100. So many people I know, a long life, are not sports fans and do not eat too healthy. What they have in common, a positive attitude, ability to eat smaller meals and not to the temptation to fill their bellies yield, healthy levels of blood pressure and take the recommended medications and supplements that recommend their doctors. What do you think the secret of life on 100 is it?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to Live to 100 years

There is big news recently for all born after 2000: they are likely to experience 100 years after a new study from Denmark. That is about 20 years older than the life expectancy of the rest of us. But we could live as long as said Walter Bortz II, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University: "What keeps us have bad habits.

Luck and heredity play a role in longevity, of course, but you can not control, dass Walk your chance, 100 hit, which concentrate on what you can do, such as loading of fruit and vegetables (including five years), the development of five days per week (two to four years) and cutting down on stress (May to six years).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Find a key to live to 100 years

Scientists have a unique touch to a long life to zero: an inherited mechanism of cellular repair, which prevents showing the process of aging and disease prevention, perhaps. Research say that the discovery could lead to anti-aging.

The study focuses on telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that have been sharp spikes to avoid plastic as compared to Come Undone. Telomeres were already known to play an important role in the aging process, and their discovery led to the Nobel Prize for medicine this year.

The new study, which focused on Ashkenazi Jews, who lived the longest of a hyperactive version of the telomerase, an enzyme that builds telomeres inherited.

Indeed, the centenarians in excellent mechanical equipment, body work 24 / 7 repair is likely that the functioning of the body, compared to a normal human cell Control Center, the body time to reflect over time.

"The man of exceptional longevity are in a better position to secure telomere length," said Yousin Suh, associate professor of medicine and genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University. "And we found that they owe their longevity, at least partially, to advantageous variants of genes in telomere maintenance are involved."

The results were this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Telomeres are short DNA fragments, which specialized chromosomes of the CAP, that tell a cell what to do. Over time, the cells divide again and again to keep the body alive. But shorten with each cell division, telomeres. If they are too short, the cell stops dividing and falls into a state called senescence. Vital tissue is no longer manufactured, and the organs begin to fail.

All this was known, and telomeres were the focus of research anti-aging for one year. However, it has not found a panacea, increasing the average life expectancy.

In the new study, Suh and colleagues studied Ashkenazi Jews, a homogeneous population, whose genetics are well studied. Three groups were part of the research: A very old (average age 97), but the group of 86 healthy people, 175 of their descendants, and a control group of 93 children of parents who have lived a normal life.

"Our research attempts to answer two questions," says researcher Gil Atzmon Einstein said in a statement. "Those who live longer tend to have long telomeres, and if so, could changes in the genes, on behalf of telomerase, telomeres for their time?

"Yes conclude" on both accounts, the researchers say.
The old man had mutated into "inherited genes that make the system more active and effective telomerase to maintain telomere length," write the researchers do. "Most of these people were spared cause age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, that most deaths among the elderly.

"Our results suggest that length of telomeres and telomerase variants of genes that help people live longer, perhaps by linking them to diseases of old age we," said Suh. "Are you now trying to understand the mechanisms that maintain these genetic variants of telomerase, telomere length in centenarians. Finally, it can imitate blessed it for drugs, telomerase develop our centenarians were possible."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tips 1-10 for live to 100

1. Drink cranberry juice: Scientists at the University of Scranton found that men were drinking, which increased 3 ounces to 8 glasses per day for a month its content of good cholesterol 10-percent reduction in the risk of cardiac disease risk 40%. Make sure you buy 100% pure cranberry juice with at least 27%.

2. Breakfast: A study at Harvard University found people who eat breakfast are 44% less likely to be overweight and 41% less likely to develop insulin resistance, both factors that contribute to heart disease.

3. Take folic acid: reduce consumption of the recommended daily dose, the risk of heart disease by 16%. Sources are asparagus, broccoli and fortified cereals.

4. Take the stairs: Adopt the 4000-5000 measures more a day can lower blood pressure to a maximum of 11 points.

5. Eating a salad with one count: The green leafy vegetables and eggs in the salad are excellent sources for lutein. Who carries a heart of anti-oxidants in cells and tissues.

6. Fill your hosts: The American Journal study says 2 servings of whole grains can be Cheerio reduce the risk of dying of heart disease, up to 20%.

7. Consume more tea: A study found that men drink to reduce at least 2 cups of tea per day, her risk of dying from heart disease by 25%. Tea contains flavonoids, which help to prevent thinning the blood, blood clotting and relax blood vessels.

8. Take your blood pressure after exercise: measure after a cardiac stress test with your doctor to get your BP. The figures will be higher, but they can show you what the general health of you in.

9. Join a group: A study has shown that individuals are more difficult to cope with stress. They are also at higher risk of heart disease then those who have a large circle of friends.

10. Eating dark chocolate: Another source of flavonoids that thin the blood and prevent clotting. Dark chocolate contains oleic acid, which a mono-unsaturated, which in olive oil. A good source is Dove dark chocolate.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

5 Ways astronomy can help you to live according to Age 100

You also need not far to see books, blogs, and all types of health gurus say the latest way that you could live for 100 years.

Meditation. Exercise. The "Okinawa Diet". De-stress. Keep your mind active, and so on. All good ideas, no doubt.

But it has me thinking stargazing ... does not help you live a healthy life a person deserves to live the last 100 years ... and beyond?

Hmmm ... makes us think. Stargazing can help you live a longer life? Let's see ... Here are five things you can do for astronomy that are present, with the advice of the gurus of health ...

1. Build Muscle Mass
Scientific studies of longevity is the preservation of muscle mass and bone density may help you live longer and enjoy the years are still available. Makes sense. While the amateur astronomy is not exactly the decathlon, it takes a little muscle to move your telescope and mount around the farm, or insert your favorite dark-sky observing site.

So do not think about setting up your business every night like a chore ... Think of it as a healthy workout.

And if you have small telescope, you tell your spouse, you must register for a general, because improving good for your health. Hey ... It's worth a try ...!

2. Do not be a loner
The latter seems to be one of the most important: good relations are essential to a long and healthy life.

As a hobby or profession, may individually or astronomy as sociable as you want it. It's nice to sit alone in a telescope, and think of the stars from time to time, it's much more fun to share your fun with others. If you're already at a star party or gathering of local amateur astronomers, you know what I mean. The positive energy of dozens or hundreds of people who share what they love is contagious. At the end of the night, you're tired, but happy.

There are many attractive opportunities to make contacts and build friendships for your interest in the night sky. Enjoy them if you can.

3. Manage Your Stress
Apparently the fun, good for you. Really good. This applies not only to deal with stress, it causes your cells to enkelytin also a natural antibiotic release called. The pleasure of chocolate, coffee or a glass of good whiskey can serve as self-medication.

Life is only sometimes, is not it?

And there is not much better than looking at the night sky and find your way to one of thousands of beautiful things to expect that all the test every night. If it makes you happy, it can not be that bad.

4. Healthy eating
If nothing else, the stars stay out of bed, TV, and a bowl full of junk food. And you do not want his fingers in a bag of Cheetos before dealing with a $ 400 eyepiece. Optical purposes and fatty snacks do not mix.

5. Exercise your brain
Cognitive studies show that can boost your mental power a strong effect on the brain that drugs used for dementia. For an amateur astronomer, there are endless possibilities for deep thoughts ... from learning to understand a diagram to show how stars form in order to find out how to make a really good picture of the night sky.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It is excellent news for those who live according to Age 100

Living to 100? Oooh, that would be terrible. They are only the age. "

Who was the reaction of many that the scientists predict that many children born today will live to see 2109. Horrible? I'm sorry. The centenary of the future will have a brilliant time and I hope I am among them.

We are entering a new era of personalized medicine, genetic tests will tell you what diseases you are in danger and your doctor will tell you what to do. Boards should not high tech or expensive: a recent study showed that coffee is the average age remarkably protective against Alzheimer's disease.

And in the future, a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease will never stop falling. Scientists have shown that the introduction of genes to promote that can grow in the brain for the loss of fibers in the brain that occurs during the AD to compensate. In like manner, the electric and magnetic brain stimulation promising results for diseases such as Parkinson's disease.

Repeals the prevention and cure of the dreaded specter of mental decline with age. Some might even choose to take things a step further - what makes a person sick and could not well a person, even better. The old man of the future can be good, amateurism in improving the brain.

One of the biggest obstacles in old age is the cause of vision loss and blindness. Gene therapy, lentils increasingly artificial and sophisticated laser treatment means that in 100 years there is every reason to believe that the vision loss is debilitating, under which the unfortunate few, not the majority.

Scientists are also amazing advances in prosthetics. No more days of sugar cane, scooter mobility, the walking aid. Look forward to a future increase in prosthetic bone is not simply a replacement for its members, but an opportunity in the imperfect design of the human body.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all are the opportunities for research on stem cells. We reached a point where scientists can take a skin cell and turn it into a pluripotent "master cells" that any kind of tissue will develop in the body, brain cells, muscle or bone. This is already possible in mice.

Scientists and doctors are not on a mission to give us another 20 years joined in Purgatory, the life-support machines. The crux of the hard work in the lab is for us to enjoy the health and vitality.

Newborns, forget the dark codgerdom slowly decrease: Prepare yourself for the glory year.

How to live to 100

This is a new book, "The Long Life Equation ', by Dr Trisha Macnair suggests.
In the book, the author of activities, has listed the years in your life.
Macnair said washing your hands adds two years, and a good oral hygiene can add six more years in your life to be able to.
But smoking is fast food, do not solve any exercise and stress to 20 years.
"There is no doubt the younger ones to take the life and health for granted - more than any generation before, they idle time away watching TV or playing computer games, without the activities that preserve their health or development of meaning in their lives, "Courier Mail quoted Macnair, as saying.
"As we age and begin to feel the years Slipping Away, you realize suddenly how valuable it is.
"But we can already established habits (smoking, alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise, stressful occupations) which take their toll and can make it difficult to reverse.
"But it's never too late to change. In addition, changing attitudes to age so there are now more freedom, things to do in the future if we are healthy and able," she said.
A 2006 Study of the University of California at Los Angeles shows that men and women live healthier lives richer, happier and longer if they are in a stable partnership
The study confirmed that married couples are more likely to live to a ripe old age than their divorced, widowed or single.
A stable partnership can actually further seven years to life.
Regular exercise also adds as much as two or more years to your life.
A Harvard Alumni Study, which found more than 71,000 men who had graduated from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania from 1916 to 1954, that men who regularly burned 8400kJ a week included during the training they lived on average two years longer than sedentary types.
But smoking can actually reduce 8 years from your life
Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, many of which are highly toxic.
Divorce can also delete 3 years away from your life, because it takes longer to Toll-lasting emotional and physical ex-spouses than virtually any impact on the lives of others.
Recent studies indicate that divorced adults are more emotional disturbance, accidental death and death from heart disease.
The divorced also have higher rates of admission to psychiatric facilities and make more than doctors who are married, unmarried or widowed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Live to 100 - Japanese centenarians ' s tips

TOKYO (Reuters) - More than 40,000 Japanese aged 100 or more, showed up 10 percent over the previous year, a survey by the government on Friday in remembrance of the recent economic problems facing the world's most rapidly aging country.

Of the 40,399 centenarians, 87 percent are women, health and welfare of the Iraqi Ministry.

An aging population is also expected to shrink is one of the challenges facing the new Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his Democratic Party, voted overwhelmingly last month.

An employee of the burden on small pensions and health care is ballooning requirements shoulder. A little more than three people of working age now support each elderly person, but in 50 years, the ratio is closer to unity one.

Hatoyama Democrats have committed themselves, had the pension system with a minimum of 70,000 yen ($ 765) per month for the normalization of qualifying low-income or not enough contributions for a pension.

The number of centenarians in Japan to second place in the world behind the United States, which has more than 96,000 according to estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. But the American population is more than twice as high as in Japan.

Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world, with experts citing a healthy diet, the quality of health care and a tradition of active retirees as factors in the phenomenon.

How to live to 100 years

I want to live to 100? If I need to be healthy, an unequivocal YES. When I need some kind of emissions from the plant, the answer should be negative. To learn how to do it and well, I went to the source.

John Ward, grandfather to us, he died a few months before his 106th Birthday. At the time of his death he was in better health than I do. His memory was clear, his sense of humor intact, and the only thing about life that really bothers him that he could not go so far as usual, and they do not hear very well. He announced loudly to the wedding, it would be much better if he had heard what was going on, by warning the crowd, the possibility that "There will now follow could kiss!"

Grandpa was right. There is a special set of rules that come into play after the activation of 100, and you speak your opinion was one of them. You might even say, away with some of the ladies, they were big and needed to lose weight, certain death for us young people. What does this have to do with living to age 100? I think it relates to, what appears to be the first key to longevity. Grandfather lived a life relatively free of stress. Oh, I do not mean that he did not see the hard times, after all, the people depressed and half a dozen wars.

Problems under stress and is not the same, however, and if a problem occurs, quietly put Grandpa to deal with them and do not leave things to him. It is not easy to rattle. When times are hard hit, and he had to feed a young family, he went to the oil fields in Oklahoma because there are jobs. He was a man setting an oil rig, and though he by nature a very honest man, the welfare of his young family made him the man in the eye and tell him that he knew of oil wells. Then he went to the first people to see he had ever seen. Unrattled and unshakable, he immediately took them a helping hand and has spent his entire career working in the oil fields of Oklahoma and Texas.

The second movement is more important. A large part of his life he was an oilfield pumper. For the reader, the function of oil fields have widely spaced wells, and they were treated and pumped each day, a process that involves turning a pump on and off, and wait. Most pumpers drove pickup trucks and made their rounds over their large surface area at least twice a day. Grandpa went to his lease, again at least twice a day.

He loved to go there all his life, and even after retiring from the oil field school crossing guard position in his 90's. In fact, when a reporter interviewed him for his 105th Birthday and the secret of his longevity, he said, asked, "does not count work? Absolutely, but more to his feet while he was doing. In later years, he used a walker, mainly because he sat on a high place, when a pause in the efforts needed urgently.

It was true. Would have to decide to start with a walker are undercut for many, daunting to others. His grandfather took him into just another step in a line adjustments which do not define everything in terms of being a man, but allow to continue to work around the world with him on his own terms.

One of the most important secrets to his longevity is that my grandfather wanted to live. While both a little worn and tired of all this, he was still asking what was happening around him. He always wanted to be involved. If it is a wedding or a funeral or a meeting, it was just not the same without him there. He was a formidable opponent to Domino as many of us young people (only in our 50's), often discovered.

He had a goal to want to live in three centuries. At one second after twelve on the first January 2001, the world has welcomed the new century Wild Acclaim. Grandfather looked at it with interest, but he welcomed her third.

He was 33 years old when penicillin was discovered that he too never have. In fact, he never had any medication stronger than aspirin in his life. He does not smoke, which has been a factor. "I smoked a pipe for a while, but I think it is cutting on my wind, so I resigned. Upon termination, he realized that Prince Albert was in his shirt pocket he can until the letters.

Grandfather always ate simple, natural foods they prepared at home, and often raised. Her garden was large enough to not only save on the grocery bill, but the good, healthy food. In the jargon of today, which are lower in calories than the food was not the cholesterol saturation.

Grandfather did not live in the past. I do not remember him and said, "Well, back in my day ..." Not that he does not speak, and certainly not in detail remember exactly. He 'was not simply stop when someone asked a specific question. He was more interested in what happens at this moment, and this desire to continue to have interest, is another key to a long life.

At a birthday celebration (the most important events was) a great-great-granddaughter was astonished to realize that he lived before computers. She could not understand, even if we declare that, for all practical purposes, it was older than cars, planes, and even. . . electric light. It was too much for them, they take on the story of what she reads in books or found on the Internet. Grandfather lived.

Grandfather told me that the best way to measure his life was in a hurry. When he was a little boy (he was born in 1895), it is not have a horse, if his speed was such that he, you might run ten miles an hour might. He is a graduate of a horse and possibly a car and climbed to the dizzying speed of 20-30 mph airplanes, cars and trains developed, and its speed came a 100 mph most of the unthinkable. He saw the world when his Lindbergh's nonstop flight across the Atlantic History in 1927 and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon after 42 years. Well, even though it will never happen, in theory, he could get on the space shuttle and walk thousands of miles per hour. All these changes have met in the course of his life.

The key to longevity. Oh, yes, it is also an important genetic, hereditary, we can not do much with this one if we do not, and he did. He was eighty years old sisters and the eighty year old man. Longivity runs in the family.

You see, he has never given autonomy. Grandfather lived in a retirement community, not a nursing home. It was where is the help, and meals are prepared, but it was still his own master. He relied on others for transportation to the things to go, but found no shortage of people wanting to be, the only one to take. He had to make adjustments with regard to his age, but it was still very much control over his own life. He was the one that determines when it's time, his license was retired, and not the state, and as usual, his decision was correct.

The big key was his own grandfather. He was happy. The man was an elf. His eyes sparkled and a smile always played with the mouth to erupt at the slightest provocation into a shy smile, which was completely irresistible. He held his court, where he met with a sense of humor that he does not try to hide. At his age, what terror had no life? What's the worst that can happen? The only thing he kept at bay longer than most of us are still alive? He wanted to live, but not afraid to die. It was a Christian and he knew what was waiting on the other side, a beloved wife, children and even great-grandchildren .. He welcomes each new day as a gift and enjoyed. Never be depressed or discouraged, in order to seduce him. That is, what do elves.

In his 100th Birthday of my friends fell through the celebration and I wanted to meet him. I said Sure, "select it. A 100-year-old man should not be hard to find." At least you would not believe it, but it took a dozen men before they went to him, including his son. If I no longer enough to be put into effect, she confessed that he lives more than men knew some sixty-year (pushing her husband) in the ribs, "including this one. It is very difficult to tell in which Age is an elf.

There is no truth that the earth trembles here. Nothing we have not all heard before. I believe the hour is to see what can happen when they are mounted and put into practice a vivid example.

Can we all live, one hundred years? No, although projections say more and do more of us will. If we live to be older, we will be able to do so in a way where we happily ever after? I think this is my grandfather, Ward showed us as if we are wise enough to hear the teachings. Who in his own words, "We are only as old as we ourselves can choose."

12 surprising signs you live to 100

You're the life of the party
Outgoing people are 50 percent less likely to develop dementia, according to a recent study of over 500 men and women 78 years and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. They concluded also described as not easily stressed.

The researchers suspect that their brains may be more resilient to lower cortisol - studies show that hormone hypersecretion of "stress" can cause brain damage to prevent cell communication. Science-backed ways to reduce cortisol levels meditate: to drink black tea, or a nap.

They are for 40 minutes per day
Scientists in California found that middle-aged persons who are not exactly that - to live for a total of approximately 5 hours per week - longer and functioned better physically and cognitively as they grew older, researchers have the runners and non-runners for 21 years followed.

"What surprised us was that the driver can not only have less heart disease - also developed fewer cases of cancer, neurological diseases and infections," says study author Eliza Chakravarty, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. "Aerobic exercise keeps the immune system of young people." If you do not run, can be improved even 20 minutes per day every activity that you can take your breath away your health, "she said.

Do you like raspberries in your oatmeal
Most Americans eat 14 to 17 grams of fiber per day, simply add 10g to die, your risk, to reduce heart disease by 17 percent, according to a study in the Netherlands. Dietary fiber decreases total and LDL ( "bad" cholesterol), improve insulin sensitivity and stimulate weight loss. A simple solution: Top your oatmeal (½ cup to 4 g fiber) with 1 cup raspberries (8 g), and you get 12 grams of fiber in one meal.

Try some of these other high-fiber foods: ½ cup 100 percent bran cereal (8.8 g), ½ cup cooked lentils (7.8 g), ½ cup cooked black beans (7, 5 g), a medium sweet potato (4.8 g), a small lamp (4.3 g).

You Feel 13 years younger than you are
That's what seniors in good health in a recent survey of over 500 men and women aged 70 and over said. "The feeling of youth linked to better health and longer life," says the researcher, Jacqui Smith, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. "It is improving the motivation and optimism to the challenges that helps to reduce stress and strengthen your immune system and ultimately reduces the risk of disease to overcome."

They embrace techie trends
Learn how to help with Skype or Twitter to brain cells in young and healthy, "said Sherri Snelling, senior director of Evercare (part of United Healthcare), a group which is an annual survey of American centenarians sponsors. Many older Americans to send e-mail, Google has lost friends and even day online. Researchers say the latest technology helps us to stay, not only intellectually and socially engaged Spry: "They are staying connected with friends, family and current events, and feel important and relevant, "said Snelling.

It started after menopause, aged 52
Studies show that, of course, later he became known, it can mean a longer life. One reason: "Women who go through menopause late in a much lower risk of heart disease," says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who wants to have live to 100?

I am very glad not to seven years. Seven-year-olds have all sorts of problems before it. Exams, exams, tests, some tests, a few more tests and then a few more tests, just for good measure. What else? Spots. Tests. Heartache. Tests. And now the prospect that they live to 100 years, despite all the pressure of exams.

A long life filled with exams looms for seven years

According to the Office of National Statistics, one third of children born in 2001 centenarians. Currently, only one out of two 85-year-olds expect to reach this milestone. Today there is a huge 9300 people aged 100 or more - but if they are born, there were only 100 people over 100 years old.

I do not know what the odds of a 28-years of life have received a telegram from the monarch, but I have one of these online life expectancy test, which tells you when you die, by a series of simple questions such as: " How often do you exercise? Do you eat junk food at regular intervals? you inject drugs? "

Whether you through the questions, a small figure on the screen changes shape depending on the answer until there was a bloated, wheezing old look through dead eyes on the yellow boxes hamburgers, cigarette butts and beer cans at his feet. Finally, a warning flashes on the screen: "You have six months to live."

In fact, he told me that I would live to 101. I can hardly think enough things to fill my week, let alone another 73 years. Imagine that. When you snuff, assault with a knife 780 percent to reach a tank of fuel you need to remortgage the house, do not you and a loaf of bread costs a few hundred quid.

Worse, at present, our care for the elderly appear to support the concern the kind of quality that the government is proposing to euthanasia as a consultant, the only way for people with dementia. Help the Aged this week warned that a longer life is not necessarily better.

In the past year, said a leading neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge, the growing number of centenarians is an important day for us as a threat from Al Qaeda and global warming. "Dying and dementia are nowhere on the political agenda," said Dr. Guy Brown. "The research needs to be redirected here, rather than simply preventing death."

No animal, I can not think much of 100. And when I was a seven-year-old asked what did I do when I grow up, my answer would likely be: "Everything, but really very, very old."

People to live with this factor, live more than 100 ... Glutathione

Those with the highest GSH are those who live, regularly past 100th Plus, it can prevent many chronic diseases such as arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and diabetes - to name a few.

Best of all, increase your levels of GSH is simple. Today I'll give you an effective strategy for decades to use your life. I'll tell you exactly how to get the most powerful forms of BA and how much to take.

When scientists at the University of Louisville mosquitoes were a reminder BA level of 50 to 100 percent. And life expectancy increased by a remarkable 30 to 38 percent.1

Doctors at the Montreal General Hospital Research Institute in Canada repeated the experiment with mice. They were able to reproduce the results - the promotion of GSH levels and increased life expectancy spans.2

Its success has prompted others to study the effects of GSH in humans. University of Odense in Denmark, noted in comparison with the level of GSH in centenarians (100 years to 105) and the ages of 60 to 79 and that BA was higher centenarians. And among the Centennial Group, who were most active in the highest levels.3

In the same way that high levels of GSH increased durability, low GSH show a direct connection to chronic degenerative diseases. Here is a partial list:
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Hearing Loss
Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Macular Degeneration

And high levels of GSH are associated with less disease. The University of Michigan study found that those with a higher BA reported a greater feeling of wellbeing and reduces lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduced body fat.4

The most natural for BA is no longer eat foods rich in glutathione. These include broccoli, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

These supplements also increases your BA:

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)
Grape Seed Extract
There are also two reliable GSH precursors - substances that stimulate the production of GSH to. This whey protein5, mostly in protein powders and N-acetyl cysteine6 (at a dose of 1800 mg to 2400 mg per day) - are both at your local food and / or sellers of natural foods available.

Finally, you can conquer additions to the BA () 1 to 2 grams per day. The latest reports show that will be added up to 80 percent of most GSH absorbed and used by your body.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fifteen tips on how to live to 100 years

Follow this list of 15 tips and you can save up to 77 years to your life. Too good to be true? Not according to new research from Norwich Union. The insurer's actuaries have some numbers that simple things like a good laugh and eat well can you give a huge boost to show your longevity crunched.

The beaches of the list on the hand - smoking - for the more esoteric. Who would have thought that flossing teeth six years to your life could I add?

Here's the list:

1. Married / Living with a partner - add 1 years
Norwich Union's data shows people who are married or living with a partner can expect that they live on average a year longer than their single friends.

2. Maintain a healthy weight - increases of 6 years
As an obese BMI (over 40) could shorten your life expectancy by about four years. A healthy BMI level is 18.5 to 25, according to the Food Standards Agency. On the other hand, being underweight can reduce your life expectancy by about two years to maintain a healthy weight is crucial.

3. Do not smoke - one 10 years
It may take up to 10 years not to smoke for life simple. Research at the University of Helsinki found that people who do not smoke can expect to 10 years longer than those who live to smoke 20 cigarettes per day.

4. Love to laugh - in 8 years
According to scientific studies, people who laugh for 15 minutes per day could still add eight years to their lives.

5. Being a woman! - An increase of 3.3 years
Across the world, women tend to outlive men by about 10 percent. According to government statistics, which are currently in the United Kingdom, women have a life expectancy of 91.8 years at birth, compared with 88.5 years for men.

6. Clear Clutter - add 1 years
People who live in disorder and chaos, are more likely to feel stressed and depressed. Sorting out this confusion can complement another year.

7. Eat well - add 6.6 years
According to the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, a diet that daily consumption of garlic, wine, vegetables, selling fruit, almonds and dark chocolate to extend life expectancy of up to 6.6 years to include.

8. Eat less meat - add 3.6 years
A study at the University of Loma in the U.S. showed that people eat the meat at least once per week on average live 3.6 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts.

9. Have a positive attitude - add 9 years
Studies have shown that people recover an optimistic outlook is less susceptible to viruses and faster, diseases and injuries. These people tend to act in "good" means that the negative people taking more exercise and their social activities.

10. Live in Eastbourne - add 6.2 years
After the "road map" The Grim Reaper, a study by the University of Sheffield, the residents of the West in Eastbourne, East Sussex has the longest life expectancy of a city in the UK, 6.2 years of life, higher than the national average, GB. Livingston Central East Central Scotland has the lowest life expectancy in the United Kingdom at 67.2 years.

11. Keep the faith - add 3 years
Many studies have found connections between faith and enjoys a long life. According to the University of Pittsburgh, people can expect from attending church services, that about three years older than non-living presences.

12. Born Later - up to 6.1 years
According to the Government Actuary Department (GAD), who was born 25 years ago, had an average life expectancy of 84.6 years for men and 88.5 years for women. People born in 2009 now have an average life expectancy of 88.5 (males) and 91.8 () women. The forecasts suggest that human GAD was born 25 years from now might live as long as 91.7 (male) and 94.6 (women).

13. Do you sleep well at night - with 5 years
Poor sleep can contribute to a number of medical factors that people can face the risk of heart disease. Those who regularly can expect to receive at least six or seven hours sleep, "until five years longer than those who live in poor sleep.

14. Dental floss - add 6 years
You can use dental floss every day up to six years to life expectancy through the elimination of harmful bacteria that may contribute to cardiovascular disease, adding.

15. Get a pet! - 2 Year Subscription
American research shows that people with pets rarely suffer from depression and consult their doctor less frequently than others. He also said that stroking a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress.
Darren Dicks, head of pensions at Norwich Union, said: "Although we show not really believe that someone is in the adoption of these practices automatically for more than 70 years of her life, our research shows that in general these activities affect life expectancy."

Like the flu will strike, and to live to 100 years

Living past your "normal" life expectancy in the United States, this means live up to 74 years for men and 79 women, two characters that seem ridiculous in many countries of the 3rd World. Country, mind you, with a GNP of less than Dallas.

One important reason is the lack of funds for all of our 21st Century marvelous technological achievements. Things like, triple bypass, angioplasty, whole-body scans, vaccines and even highly processed foods are virtually unknown. One might think that these people have defeated all microbial threats coming down the pike, but they do not.

Granted, in many of the poorest in South America and African countries near the equator, the leading cause of malaria, which we have real healing. In fact, malaria is the # 1 cause of death worldwide. A pity that something is on the money that we throw around the United States, not used to fight against this number. But I digress.

Disease, whether infectious or degenerative is regarded as a very different depending on where you are. In America, which is in the treatment of symptoms is the norm, but the opposite is in much of the rest of the world's true.

Here, if you have a headache, you are invited to a couple of aspirin or other NSAIDs. This over-the-counter pain relievers address inflammation without steroids, but without compromising on the actual cause of the pain either.

In other cultures, the cause of your headache would be taken into account, it could be a lack of sleep, eat eye strain, response to, or drink, or just dehydration! Imagine a doctor in the United States suggest you drink the water because a little pain. Studies have a direct link between dehydration and many types of pain and illness, an association that managed to escape the AMA has shown. Adequate hydration is, in fact, cured many diseases.

Rein did not diet before a headache, a lack of aspirin?

Listening to your body and really addresses its shortcomings is the actual source of health and longevity. Unfortunately, it is the opposite of the approach to the industry of U.S. health care leads. Here we think systematically on a journey through the drug for the treatment of hypertension or hypercholesterolemia than perfectly fine. Although often there are no studies on the long-term safety and effectiveness of these drugs. Forget for a moment, we are known, the short term side effects.

Fooling with the natural biochemistry of the body is like playing Russian roulette. Every single chemical compound, not in the natural food chain is unknown and can have a profound impact on how you keep your body healthy and alive, you tried. The body has no superfluous organs, which means that each organ and gland in order to conspire alive. Throwing sticks in the works in the form of a solid drug triggered a chain reaction that almost always serious. The effects that can surface many years to come, it will almost always on "signs of aging.

Well, I'm here to tell you that these questions are not normal aging.

Remember Jack LaLanne? At age 70 he fought strong winds and currents as he swam handcuffed and shackled 1.5 miles while towing 70 boats with 70 people from the deck of the Queen's Road in the Port of Long Beach Queen Mary. Jack's motto was and still is (he is 95): "If a man does not eat." In other words, eat anything that is not so obvious. By the way, comes Jack with his latest book, "Live Forever Young.

As well as avoiding disadvantages of natural foods and chemicals, Jack has taken two hours every day for most of his life in the claim, and one of his motto: "Movement is king, and nutrition is queen." This man, who five years of his hundredth birthday, is a testament to the body what it needs and provide the benefits.

But not everyone is willing to train for two hours a day and eat like a rabbit, but by providing the body what it needs to thrive not just survive, is certainly something to be achieved. Natural whole foods, clean water, adequate sleep, regular exercise and address issues that surface with natural, nontoxic therapies is their way of life, not just 100, but perhaps even beyond.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to live to 100 years

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of longevity? Let the life of the oldest man has ever lived. How did they live for 100?

Jeanne Calmet lived to the impressive age of 122 It was first observed in 1985 (in the age of 110) to the time when the media discovered that she had met Vincent van Gogh when she was 14. His age was then reviewed by the birth in his home town of Arles. There may be others who have lived longer, but if Joan is the most widely tested so far.

At the age of 114 years, it appears briefly in the 1990 film "Vincent and Me", as she herself so that she is the oldest actress ever.

She has lived so long that it actually survived his daughter and her young son. However, it can be secret to a long life due to good genes. Her daughter died of pneumonia and his infant son died in an accident cycle, and if not for these tragedies, both had lived in their 100s. The older brother of Joan were 97, lived his father, 93, his mother lived to 86

What other secret life be prolonged, that additional 30 years or older? Let them both.

They certainly had a way of life stress-free atmosphere. She married her cousin, the town owns a business, so they never get to work. Because of what she could fully pursue his passion of cycling, tennis, swimming and roller skating. And she is very active. Until age 100, she was a bicycle.

And to stay physically active has kept mentally active, often playing the piano and attending the opera.

The most amazing thing is that up to 5 years before his death, she was smoking! Namely, in an age of 117, she was still smoking. We believe that it was protected against cancer by feeding her secret.

Her Secret Diet
Jeanne attributed to longevity:

Olive oil (added to all food). It was used as a beauty lotion.
Port and
Chocolat (it ate two kilos of chocolate per week)
These 3 elements, which we believe are the real secret to living past 100th The anti-oxidant and anti-aging red wine and chocolate are well documented. In addition, the oil full of omega-9 fatty acids (in fact, the best known is the source). Omega-9 fatty acids are known to prevent many diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension.

So, to live more than 100, you drink a glass (red wine every night, the dark, the better). Eating extra dark, high cocoa content chocolate with low sugar content. Finally, the food in olive oil and extra virgin olive oil cooking always add to your salad dressing. Let us know if we reach 100!

Science 'treatment of heart' 'balloon' '100-year-old' do?

Muang Thai - Thai people today seem to be risks with "heart" more different types of people - different social groups are often heard that somebody must go to bypass surgery, "a balloon" expansion vessel. heart.

Also good for medicine in Thailand developed more.
Size "100-year-old people" to maintain secure!

Assumes that each of the matters of heart disease. Fragmented multiple types. With disabilities and congenital heart disease, heart valve thrombosis - leaky, heart muscle disease, irregular work, disease, atrial fibrillation, heart disease, synovial inflammation. And other species after hearing each other often - the Thai people to receive treatment is very well. Cardiovascular disease - heart ischemia.

With heart disease category. "Coronary thrombosis - the heart ischemia," the information from the site. by MD. light Samut cardiac physician specialists. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital is described by summary ... a type of heart disease caused by a blood vessel to the heart muscle narrow party. Allows blood to the heart muscle is not party. Myocardial deficiency. Oxygen while. Of chest pain. If a clogged blood vessel to narrow a forceful will die suddenly of heart muscle. "May have sudden death!".

Asked someone at the chance of heart ischemia? The answer is ... male have the opportunity to cardiovascular ischemia, 3-5 times more than females, male age in the risk usually from 35 years to when the female is the more slowly. Is usually born in menopause around 50-55 years old and asked that this type of disease risk factors, what? Answers are many factors ... Smoking, high blood fats, high blood pressure disease, diabetes, obesity and not to exercise, strain easily - often tense, with a family history of heart disease of this kind.

Who has a number of risk factors. Likely caused cardiac ischemia faster than others. And when it was often the severity of disease than those with no risk factors! Thai this point should not be ignored!

For diagnosing cardiac ischemia. The initial visit. Dense breasts. If the chest pain as severe. A very faint nausea, sweating hands, cold feet - the green room and then comatose not better. Often caused by coronary heart entirely the medical community in Thailand is currently developing both devices and diagnostics - treatment advances. In medical treatment is the therapy, surgical treatment by the new heart, blood vessel. Or bypass, treatment with "The Balloon" by the Garden Heart lines through a thigh artery. Into the heart through vascular thrombosis. And vascular growth by making the balloon inflated in the heart garden end. To pressure the constricted blood vessel to expand.

"The Balloon" has evolved to the current high.
The latest in small Thai people aged 100 years, they can set safe!

Hangzhou copiously 100 year old forest happiness is 1 month, patients with coronary artery thrombosis. This case is considered dangerous, however this latest patient is missing from this disease by making balloon spring by doctors who extol Uthai balloon and MD. Wichai Sri Manas Heart Center physician specialists. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital. Together reveals that ... If 100 years old patient with vascular fraction of these lines by heart constricted to 3 lines and most importantly, very narrow line left to submit to the next. Which concluded that physicians should be made by the balloon. "No surgery".

"This case depends on patients with conditions. That your body healthy eyes profusely. Heart muscle to squeeze the better. The balloon made a lasting change of cardiovascular work. And appropriate way "... Dr.. Wichai specified. Understand that it is speaking the same issues that people aged 75-80 years are not suitable to be a balloon.

The more you look profusely used to do this medical examination is 64 Slides of cardiovascular diagnostic equipment and modern. And while part of the therapy process. In the treatment of coronary thrombosis is currently special medical equipment such as modern multi-detector - scanners, specifically wire conductor. The hundreds into the artery to balloon, a small ultrasound. A hundred lines to the vessel to make that point to a narrow limestone is much, head spinning at hundreds of diamonds by line into an artery to grind limestone in the constricted blood vessels, including the use of drug-eluting stents. Support vessel made balloon to prevent renarrowing.

"Previously, I've never made a huge balloon to the patient age. Maximum of 98 years, but doing it here profusely when you do set the 100-year-old to 1 month is considered the most I've ever done "... spring provided. Which is considered amazing.

However, if asked to be saved from the danger of heart disease should do what? Would be in the. ... Reduce risk factors such as quitting smoking, reducing weight to the criteria, exercise regularly. And adequate rest. And control diabetes. High blood fats. And high blood pressure. To the usual criteria. For those who are already. In those who have not these diseases should make every Czech has 6 months to control as soon as possible.

"Heart" is on different types of threats to the Thai people more.
Fact that modern medical science in tandem with changes.
But the work? "Reduce - avoid risk factors" is the best way!!!.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to live 100 years old Healthily

We all want to live more than 100 years old, healthy, but few know how. In fact, aging is a biological process that is controllable to some degree with a healthy diet.

Here are some tips to help you are

1. Carbohydrates:
Anti-aging is the diet rich in complex carbohydrates such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Many of them are consumed raw or close to their natural state, is unnecessary and not processed or cooked. Diet with a low in complex carbohydrates are rich in fiber and therefore prevent common diseases associated with aging. Even with the complex carbohydrate diet can prevent weight gain with age, because the foods are quickly digested.

2. Green foods:
The green foods are the ultimate blood purifier. They are rich in chlorophyll. Better absorbed with food and the chlorophyll in green foods are antioxidants are able to strengthen the immune system. This slows down the aging process.

3. Garlic and onions:
Garlic and onions contain sulfur compounds, anti-aging and helps strengthen the immune system.

4. Water and juices:
Pure water is an essential element of good nutrition. Not enough input, it would dehydrate the brain and symptoms of aging, and of course the main cause of kidney stone formation is. Fresh juices rich and should be a regular part of the diet.

How to live to 100

In today's society is no more than 50 old. In fact, 50 is the new 30, as many are now 30 years old, her own youth are realized. A few generations ago, that life, unfortunately, young, and many people of Generation X lost grandparents, who were only slightly older than their parents today. The baby boomers feel old, and you ask what is the secret of longevity?

The biggest secret of longevity has everything with what we in our bodies and what we expect from our bodies do. If we have a healthy diet and proper combination of bad habits such as drugs, alcohol, smoking to refrain from eating, and even the doctor prescribed drugs to operate too much on the counter, our bodies at a higher level of service. Moderate daily exercise such as walking and gardening can also improve the life expectancy age.

Good health is the balance. The secret of longevity is the achievement of balance in this respect on a daily basis in learning more free to live in ourselves. The belief, regardless of the denomination has to help themselves as people who live healthier lives, happier and longer. Thus faith in the world can have a life by extending our level of daily joy. Depression and even mild depression, which prevented us tired or down for a short time, effectively our ability to feel healthy, and can avoid the daily practices that improve our health and increase our longevity.

Genetics may or may not also play a role in the secret of longevity. In some cases, a person who had both parents die of a heart attack, but took good care of your body do not drink (like smoking, playing with improvements in hobbies or could) foods that are high in cholesterol be able to independently start of the genetics she gave in May. In other cases, do what is necessary, must not outweigh the role that our DNA is genetically determined for us. This does not mean that a person died, their parents to cancer are automatically cancers do not care what they do. Instead, by controlling the factors that we can control, we might be able to tip the scales in our favor.

Mental training is much more a part of the secret of longevity as a physical workout. For those who spend in retirement the face of mind numbing TV, chances are good, they begin to mental health problems much earlier than someone who knows the life to the fullest, visits with neighbors and friends experience, intellectual discussions have, and pulls the crossword instead of TV Guide for intellectual stimulation.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Live to 100 : How to eat longevity.

Seniors should have health care in nutrition. Same with other old people, elderly age is a change in the decay. But we can make this age of bright sunshine and a value. The healthy. Free from disease. To slow the degeneration of the body not to happen soon. Can behave as follows.

• eating 5 to complete those in need with adequate volume. The body. By eating less at meals but often.
• Do not let obesity weight control. Reduce fat diet with high animal fat as them. Food prepared from Ticketmaster mine. They taste sweet and organized.
• should eat meat that digestible as meat, fish.
• Drink milk, butter it diminished every day.
• Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
• adequate rest.

In addition, a good nutrition in the elderly will increase immunity and reduce the health problems of the elderly, such as infectious disease in the elderly. Osteoporosis, heart disease, cerebral vascular thrombosis. High blood pressure, diabetes and bowel disease, aneurysm wall, etc..

In addition, the body deteriorated by age activity in power is less. Chew a problem with eating less fiber pulp. However, high starch and fat. Gastrointestinal system will work less gastric juice reduced absorption decreased. Decreased bowel movements cause constipation. The gas in the stomach makes ท้องอืด. Cause do not want to eat.

Therefore, elderly people eat food should be nutritious foods to high enough energy. But while the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, high protein. These nutrients from food is the carbohydrate in foods such as coarse rice porridge head made from bread flour is not polish. Dry bean seeds that category of fruits and vegetables category meat or dairy products, eggs and dairy section and so on.

For the elderly with high blood pressure. Sodium salts should reduce eating. Because the gland is working less taste. Allow the elderly to eat more salt unconsciously. A high salt diet should avoid foods such as pickled vegetables, salted fish salted egg pickled sausage, etc. In addition, should the sauce flavors such as fish sauce, bean paste Sauce moderate.

Most elderly will be sent the gastric juice. And back to eating less food should be food that is easy to chew and swallow easily digestible, especially in a place that has teeth or false teeth. Seniors who have problems swallowing. Diet may have failed. In cooking meat should be chopped or ground. Or be poached and eaten. Or may be blended include soup if not chew.

Important things the elderly should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. To help the elderly healthy. Long life and true happiness.

Live to 100 : How exercise of the elderly.

Is known that exercise is useful for all ages. Especially the elderly, which has changed from physical impairment must exercise to prevent further deterioration and disabilities of various organs such as muscles and joints so that the heart and lungs.

Exercise also helps to streamline the body does not fall too fat is not easy. This is a risk factor for diabetes. High blood pressure or high blood fat. Moreover. Exercise also helps reduce stress. And physical. Better sex too.

Seniors can exercise, but what kind of exercise will do it better and most of you are in many ways such as doing physical exercise, such as learning to dance training, yoga, etc. Chinese Boxing training exercise to help joints and. muscle strength does not fall flat, well easy.

For the elderly that want muscle training locally. Known to play a benefit in muscle building exercise if you want some muscle, such as elderly, a special request to degenerative diseases. Should have training to strengthen thigh muscles. To help maintain joints not to knee pain when walking. Or the elderly, joints and spine pain after fall. Should muscle after exercise to reduce the symptoms.

In addition to playing their favorite sport. Exercise is fun and beneficial to society in meeting other people also. But for the elderly should not be forced to choose sports too. And should not lose players to beat out competition too seriously. It allows the heart to work too hard in a short time. And potentially dangerous.

Exercise a areobic. Exercise is one of the movement of the body continued to take up to 3-5 minutes of exercise a areobic this. Useful for the elderly and help prevent heart disease, blood vessel to narrow. Examples of this include physical activity. Run drop by drop called greens rapidly cycling, walking, swimming or dance areobic use some help devices such as walking on the belt. Cycling with the example.

The elderly with knee pain issues. May choose how to swim. Or exercise in water. This will help bear the weight part. This exercise can benefit heart and blood vessels. When has a continuous and regular exercise such as exercise time approximately 20-30 minutes 3-4 times per week (such as extra exercise on the day).

But for the elderly that was not exercise. Should start slowly before starting exercise, such as heart pulse beating faster, or about 70-80 percent of maximum heart rate pacing. Which is calculated using the formula of maximum heart rate, pacing = 220 - age) For example, suppose that the elderly aged 60 years, the highest rate of cardiac pacing 220-60 is equal to 160 beats per minute and exercise and dance pulse per cent approximately. 70-80 of 160 beats per minute that is 112-128 times per minute.

"Do not forget that before exercise, every time a areobic to stretch. And light exercise before starting. A warm up. And after exercise, as needed, then do not just stop now. But labor should gradually slow down. Lest dangerous to muscle ".

Exercise. Done whenever convenient. But the right time for outdoor exercise. What is morning or evening air, which is not too hot. And should be at the same time every body to adapt to fit.

Live to 100 : Happy 100 years old

Important that the elderly should focus on most is the self, both physical and psychological. The body is well-known among the elderly who are club members are principles that must be strict compliance to 5 Tue.

Tue food is the first important and essential. The food should be consumed as food and vegetarian food, fresh meat, fish is naturally better than the deli or eat fried vegetables and fruits, it is not sweet or salty tang too.

Tue exercise is the second exercise. The aim is to provide muscle strength. The flow of good cardiovascular circulation and reduce the fat of the various joints ขยับเขยื้อน. The exercise forms to different results. The exercise for the elderly. Should use. Walking speed of at least 30 minutes per day should be made daily or 5 days per week. This is the safest exercise.

Tue emotion is the third because of stress, depression causes the disease may be relaxed tension. The exercise such as yoga a science Eastern time or a pretentious intensive meditation. Can help.

Tue Air is the fourth air purification. This is easy and important, should be training to take a deep breath and oxygen into the body more healthy will help. Important should not smoke. Which is the cause of many serious diseases.

Tue finally rejects the many people still think that this is not important but the truth was. Tue last is very important. Because the stool every day helps drive out waste from the body making the system work. Body is complete.

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Live t0 100 : Half of the children of today will be rich to live more than 100

Half of the newborns in the rich countries could live for 100 years, according to a recent Danish study.

Hard to believe! And it has not happened yet. Bubbles Disbelief automatically, because this concept clashes wildly with the current state of affairs:

Only one third more than 10,000 people in more than 100 years, "said Niz Barzilai, director of the Research Institute on Aging, College of Medicine, Albert Einstein.

This citation to "20 things you did not know about aging" on - but I can not say how old the story is not it?

The wellderly and illderly these two new words to highlight the gap between a 70 - or 80 years, and the next. I think I was born into a shining age, with so much information and options for completing the sheer luck of the genes.

Old age? Bring it on!

Live to 100 : 10 characters for a long life

Are you capable of a hundred? If you have good genes, you eat fruits and vegetables, regular exercise and enough rest, your chances of a long and healthy life are important. However, there are many other factors are in determining your life. Here are six characters are amazing that you will live to 100 and enjoy the ride along the path.

1. Your teeth with dental floss

Dental floss is not just good) for the prevention of periodontal diseases (gum disease, it can prevent heart attacks and strokes. The relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease is clear: The inflammation is an important factor in the blockage of arteries leading to stroke and heart attack. Researchers now believe that bacterial infection of the gum disease in May make the spread of inflammation in blood and other body parts. Studies have shown that treatment of gum disease actually intensively improve the health of the arteries.

Prevent gum disease by flossing regularly in May also reduce the risk of diabetes. Gum disease with greater insulin resistance, a precursor of type 2 diabetes. Flossing also helps to reduce the susceptibility to respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and emphysema by reducing the number of pathogenic organisms in the mouth.

Finally, the dental floss can also help to keep alive your mind. People with gum disease are reported in poor mental functioning, according to a British study of 6693 adults in their twenties to seventies. The reason is that the system can range inflammation of gum disease may affect by damage to the white matter of the brain, mental function. Other studies have found that older people develop gum disease to be more cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease.

2. Time in the Daily Sun

Too much time in the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer, but spending too little time in the sun is not good. You need to regularly get in the sunlight at a healthy level of vitamin D in the body upright.
The value of vitamin D increased in recent years. Vitamin D functions more than just a vitamin, it will be a prehormone "," the influence of the adrenal hormone, enzyme production and cell growth. Some doctors believe that the optimization can be your level of vitamin D from sunlight, is the most important steps that you can actually do to improve your long-term health.

The vitamin D deficiency with a variety of health risks, including osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Vitamin D is produced by sunlight was adopted, the health of the heart by helping to increase the body's own defense and anti-inflammatory agents to prevent the calcification of blood vessels.

Too much vitamin D is toxic when taken in supplements, but not if produced by solar radiation. (If you exercise in the sun, not immediately after the shower, as some form of vitamin D in the skin can get washed. Plan enough time to cool and let your body absorb vitamin D)

If you sunscreen, stay in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes before it (spring, starting with 10 minutes of sun exposure and processing). In winter, when the sun does not penetrate the atmosphere to supplement your intake of vitamin D with high-quality cod liver oil.

3. Learning to tweet

Well, you do not want to live to embrace new single enthusiasm for Web 2.0, Twitter a long life, but helps the learning of new things. Learning to learn a new language, dance or put on other areas of knowledge helps the brain cells young and healthy.
Activities that help you stay socially engaged, as stay connected with family and friends and work in the current events that are particularly useful because it helps to feel loved and makes sense, another factor that significantly impact on longevity.

4. Standing Up Straight

Poor posture is not so when you get older, it predisposes you to a variety of health problems on the road. In aging, is a severe kyphosis, or dowager's hump hyperkyphosis Alias, a factor in almost every year a related topic that you do not want.
People with poor posture hyperkyphotic more fractures of the hip, leg, hand, shoulder, arm, back bent stand each other, the greater the risk. The fracture risk is the density of bone mass, which means that hyperkyphosis is independent, a separate risk factor for fractures associated with osteoporosis. Articles (Read more about Eva poor posture.)

The round back also exerts pressure on the chest and lungs, causing shortness of breath. In elderly patients, dyspnea is reduced to a range of health issues, including increased anxiety and depression, happiness, related to increased risk of cardiovascular or lung type 2 diabetes. Not surprisingly, seniors with a forward leaning posture increased mortality up to 44% more for a study. Once developed, will hyperkyphosis be made difficult to reverse, so that prevention is the best choice. Although, according to recent studies, yoga exercises for back and reverse it back to health may be useful hyperkyphosis, even where more than 70 years.
5. You do not snore

If you snore almost every night, you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder where you stop breathing for short periods. Sleep apnea do not you feel tired and sleepy during the day, it is linked to high blood pressure, memory problems, weight gain, mood swings and depression and increased risk of auto accidents.
UPS sleep apnea risk of heart attack and stroke clear in one study, almost three quarters of male victims of the attack suffered from sleep apnea. A longitudinal study following people over 18 years has shown that people were living without obstructive sleep apnea three times more often, longer than people with severe apnea.

Sleep apnea is more common than most people think, in a study of adult men, 24 percent suffer from sleep apnea, the risk is higher if you are overweight or suffering of hypertension.

6. Standing on one leg with eyes closed

Our senses deteriorates with increasing age. In elderly patients, the lack of balance is a risk factor for falls, which is too hip fractures. In the elderly, hip fractures are usually not of a traumatic event like a traffic accident or a serious fall, they result from minimal trauma, such as causing an outbreak due to poor balance.
Hip fracture is a major problem when one gets older. At best, it seriously affects your ability to take care of you in the worst cases it leads to death. As for the three old men die within a year after suffering a hip fracture as women, the risk is somewhat lower, but still nearly one in five.

To test your balance, try standing on one leg with eyes closed. If you can resist for 30 seconds or longer, your currency is high. Fifteen seconds is correct, but unless it is a sign that you participate in the exercises to help you develop your balance.

7. They rarely drink soda pop

There is now overwhelming evidence that the industry of the soda and high fructose corn producers has been denied for years. Yes, Virginia, soda, alcohol makes you fat. According to a recent study of 43,000 adults and 4,000 adolescents in California, not less than 62% of adults who drank at least one soda per day were overweight or obese.
Drink one (or more) of soda per day increases the likelihood of being overweight by 27 percent. According to the study, young people in California will receive on average 39 pounds, drink liquid sugar per year from just lemonade, 41 percent of children and 62 percent of adolescents in the study drank at least one soda per day.

Since the consumption of soda has increased in this country, so that the incidence of obesity. And with a higher rate of obesity, of course, increased rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and other chronic diseases that are difficult to come to treat effectively. In addition, the ash is not simply translate to obesity, the phosphoric acid in soft drinks can cause bone loss and osteoporosis, even among men.

If you think you Off The Hook, just because you are connected to soda instead of regular soft drink, think again. Several studies have shown that drinking soda on a daily basis strongly predisposed to type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, a number of changes both with increased risk for diabetes and heart disease. And) aspartame (NutraSweet, the most widely used sweeteners in diet soda and other sugar-free products may be linked to an increased incidence of brain tumors, migraine headaches and seizures.

8. You still have your plant

The plant is considered long been little more than a useless remnant of our prehistoric ancestors. Well, not so fast. Researchers now believe that the plant May, an important function as a memory for a good intestinal flora needed to colonize the gut with good bacteria, after a case of diarrhea. The attachment can also have a role in the formation of white blood cells for the function of the immune system is required.
Absorbed by good bacteria in the gut is critical because these elements for all to digest and absorb many kinds of carbohydrates are needed to help produce vitamin K and B, mineral and promote the elimination of toxins. Because bacteria in your gut and help prevent allergies, and they support the immune system by the production of antibodies.
Of course, if you ignite your investment, there can be no other choice but to remove it, otherwise do so could be fatal. If you lose your schedule, you use a high quality probiotic to ensure that your stay in the intestinal flora healthy and balanced. And even if you do the schedule, the regular intake of probiotics, a great tonic for longevity.
9. They have a flat stomach, even after 45

The hormones shift in the center of life may predispose men and women to gain weight. For most people, calms the extra weight in the middle. After a tire "substitute" to the abdomen is a symptom of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms, the development of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes associated. Other symptoms of metabolic syndrome related to insulin resistance, hypertension, low HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and high triglycerides (a type of blood fat).
In a study by the National Institute of Aging, women with extra weight in the middle 20 percent were more likely to die earlier, the effect persists even for those whose body mass index was normal.

How much extra weight around the waist is too much? For women, if your waist circumference over 35 cm and for men 40 inches or more, you can in an increased risk of metabolic syndrome. The good news is that the symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome respond to combined surprisingly well to lifestyle changes simple: lots of exercise, avoid processed foods to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, maintain and emphasize healthy fats while avoiding trans fats.

10. You are never (or rarely) in a Hurry

Forget about the epidemic of swine influenza, the epidemic is real, that we seldom hear about: the disease in a hurry. Hurry disease affects the majority of the adult population and claimed millions of lives. According to Dr. Gershon Lesser, a cardiologist at the University of Southern California, the disease is pushed real pathological entity, which for many diseases, including colds, flu, and the contribution of stress-related heart attacks that strike more frequently used than in the population of fifty or sixty .

Symptoms? Rushing to do on the way to work, noise, things at work, noise, hurrying to meet for lunch and rush back to work, home at night. Doctors refer to this chronic sense of time pressure, time pressure us, and it is epidemic among us multitasking Americans. More than half of adults say that they are regularly under stress and needed little time to get eight hours sleep for good health and optimum performance.

Time urgency impatience takes its toll on our health. It puts us in a feeling of chronic stress, with all the consequences of damage to health brings with it: It weakens the immune system, it was associated with an increase of almost twice the blood pressure, and it is a key element of the Heart attack vulnerable type A personality. As a chronic psychological stress (including the sense of time urgency, subject) was also observed that not only increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, but also the possibility of dying from them.

In short, a sad reminder to us all mad, harried rush to ITIS disaster: it is time to hurry up and smell the roses!

Live to 100 years up with this salad

Are residents of a small Greek island of Ikaria referred to seems to be the secret of longer life found. A diet rich in foods that say that do wonderful things for your body and mind, researchers. Ikaria usually live 90 years or more, partly because their diet can be the risk of dying by 25 percent back Publisher food health and nutrition, Frances Largeman-Roth, RD, are lagging behind, is a salad of delish Mediterranean on the basis parentheses Ikaria, so you can live a healthy aging.

Salad of fennel, rosemary, chamomile vinaigrette

Makes 4-6 portions

2 large bulbs fennel, halved, seeded and stems
3 bags of chamomile tea
1 / 4 cup white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary tea
1 / 2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 / 4 c. Tea Salt
1 / 4 c. Tea freshly ground pepper

Finely chop the fennel and onions diagonally place in large bowl and set aside. Pour into a small bowl, steep tea bags in vinegar 15 minutes, squeeze out tea bags in a bowl, and discard bags. Add the rosemary, vinegar and tea-olive oil mixture and mix with salt and pepper. Keep Pour dressing over the salad of fennel and refrigerate until serving. Serving Size: about 1 cup

Fennel is an excellent source of potassium, which helps maintain blood pressure in check.

Chamomile: Rule nerves and reduces stress, while possibly the immune system.

Olive oil lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Rosemary: contains carnosic acid, an antioxidant, which protect against Alzheimer's disease may.

Live to 100 up

Soon to be more than 50 years in the position to replace the new body parts to those who will wear out, says a report in the Guardian on the health of seniors.

A recent report in The Lancet that are born more than half of all babies in the richest countries to live to 100. This means that older people need fitter and healthier if they want to enjoy the second part of her life.

Fortunately, there is a research project underway at the University of Leeds, by a greater unity of Bioengineering of the United Kingdom, the world leader in the research of artificial joint replacements performed. The work is based on the hip and knee done again designed to last 50 years instead of the usual 20th Seniors will be able to have a new cartilage in the knee and a kneecap and a new heart valves and patches on their veins. The breakthrough is wonderful that the body does not refuse to recognize the new parts of the immune system to them as members of the organization.

There was a concerted effort from industry, research councils and charities for research with the result that 50 million pounds of funding is now available. Scientists and engineers across the UK put their heads together to design and produce exciting new body parts.

Professor Eileen Ingham, deputy director of the Institute for Leeds' Medical and Biological Engineering, says: "None of us is getting younger. These therapies are available to help people, but only if we care about this world-class and to transform ideas into tangible products. The United Kingdom has to take a historic failure of innovations and good practice in, but we have some very good scientists. "

The professor said, developed new heart valves in order to last a lifetime and will not be rejected by the body. As she experiences a series of washes with buffers, detergents and XP enymes living cells and remnants of the cell membrane, "she said. Which accounts for any foreign DNA, which could for their release.

The rest of the scaffold is implanted by the surgeon and the patient's body, the rest of the work by saturating the cells with valves to prevent their work from the first day of the rejection.

The process has been successful in 40 patients, the first clinical trial in Brazil in 2005, knows no rejection of the new valve body.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lifestyle that you age more quickly

The perpetrators, you age faster and have damage to your health:

1. Poor nutrition
2. Lack of exercise
3. Stress and Anxiety
4. Exhaustion
5. Woe
6. Lack of love
7. Toxic Overload
8. Bottlenecks and congestion of highways in the interior of our body.

Healthy lifestyle live longer
It takes 14 to 21 days of repetitive behavior to form a new pattern in the brain. Once the pattern is formed, it becomes an automatic behavioral responses. As you develop new habits, they begin to replace bad habits. Here are some of the deepest habits of life are

1. Drink lots of water
Drink 8 glasses of fresh filtered water every day. Water is very important for drainage and a good moisturizer cells to prevent accumulation of toxic waste. Your safest bet is filtered water. The best type of filtration process to allow contaminants from the use of charcoal, which removes impurities while removing water-soluble minerals. Avoid using water softeners to remove the essential minerals. To learn more about a high-performance filters, which I recommend, click here.

2. Eating like a centenarian
The rural community of Rugao, four hours north of Shanghai, has the reputation of the community, "Longevity in China" because there are more than 200 centenarians in the small area - the highest number per 1,000 population in China. Rugao residents eat mainly fish, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, corn and buckwheat. There was almost no meat or poultry in most of their food found. Scientists have the benefits of a diet rich confirms fish and vegetables and low animal products.

The knowledge to enjoy the food, and what to avoid:

• The best thing to do for your health, for a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables daily.

• Reduce your meat and fish meal and poultry.

• Choose the right fats. Reduce the intake of saturated fats like butter and avoid all trans fatty acids. Instead, choose mono-unsaturated fats: olive, canola, sesame, flax and fish oils.

• Avoid all refined sugar.

3. Restore with regular rest
Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night quality.

4. Take the stairs!
Take a walk. Go for a swim. Join the gym. Find engage in any activity that is best for you and stick to the practice of at least four times a week, thirty minutes a sitting. Regular exercise can strengthen the immune system, uplift your mood, maintain joint mobility, increase energy - the list goes on and on!

5. Manage your stress.
Stress is the cause of most diseases that shorten our lives. Meditation is a good way to manage stress levels. For best results, meditate every day. Start with five minutes and work your way up to fifteen or twenty minutes. See (3 Easy Beginner Techniques of mediation.) For CD-tour with meditations for the living to 100, click here filled. Another possibility? Get your exercise and stress management in and start a practice of Tai Chi.

6. They detoxify your environment.
With environmental factors causing damage of more to our wellbeing, it is important to look for and what to avoid. For starters, you can avoid many dangerous chemical substances, if you buy organic food and glass and recycled paper. Moreover, it is beneficial, regular detoxification with special diets based on plants and subjected to reducing the toxic burden on your body. A mixture of plants that has been specially formulated to detoxify the body Internal Cleanse. Also learn how to remove toxins with this 5-step detox to recharge the batteries.

I hope you find the answers to which you have to enter in your quest for more! I invite you to visit often and shares your own health and longevity tips with me.

You can live long, live, live strong and happy!

How to live to 100

"For the first time in history, adults aged 100 or older are a rapidly growing group of people. Most industrialized countries are now asking an average hundred per 10,000 inhabitants, but the figure moves up in 5000th

"Saw University of Georgia gerontologist Leonard Poon at the common denominator between the centenarians, he said: They exercised regularly ate breakfast every day and do not smoke carotenoids consumed in large amounts of vitamin and did not smoke."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are you willing to live to 100?

A new report from the Danish Research Center on Aging, says that may shock 100 candle old news for children in developed countries.

Life expectancy has been rising for the inhabitants of developed countries over the last two hundred years. If this trend continues, said researchers at the University of Southern Denmark's Danish Aging Research Center, and then press your hundredth may be old hat.

They say that most babies like France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and Canada since 2000 were born in the developed countries that have had a good chance of seeing a hundred.

Currently, the World Health is referred to Japan as the nation's longest life expectancy. For children who were born in Japan in 2007, is the life expectancy of eighty-three. Here in the United States is the average life expectancy of only one hundred forty-eight.

The only thing that could pose the biggest threat to longevity? Obesity. Although life expectancy in developed countries (and is) has been on the rise, obesity (which also can affect above).

If more people in the three figures, researchers estimate that to see, instead of three life stages - childhood, adulthood and old age - the four of us. Age can be divided into young, still active elderly population and older, begins to gradually reduce the population. If the very old people are healthy? Hard to say. There are very few data on the health of people over eighty years, in comparison with the data that we have the lives of up to eighty-five. But early detection and better treatment of many health problems suggests that the very elderly can continue to be healthy ... 100 up to years and beyond!